Kickbox Game

Developed by MIND Research Institute


This game is designed to help students develop problem-solving skills by planning in advance the placement of reflectors and emitters that result in a laser beam pushing obstacles out of the way of a walking path. For the game to be an effective learning experience, it's important that students first plan out the placement of reflectors and emitters before running the trial to see the result. The game is comprised of 10 levels of increasing complexity, with each level containing multiple puzzles which also increase in complexity.


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DIRECTIONS: First position the reflector(s) and/or emitter(s) contained within the box by dragging and dropping. The reflector is the diagonal blue line and the emitter is the blue target with attached barrel(s). The goal is to clear the walking path by having the laser beam strike each of the round objects in the walking path and push them back. Start the trial by clicking on the penguin in the lower left corner.